Jim, Thanks for everything. Orville has known you for so long and appreciates the good work you always do. Julie is much appreciative for everything that's getting done to her home. She trusts you and everything Orville is doing for her. Have a blessed day, thank you again for everything you are doing. We appreciate good, honest work.
Diane S.
Jim. Thank for everything! Good job on everything. Just wanted to note the problems--- Thanks and God Bless
Gwen and All OLC Crafters
Thank you for all you have done. My daughter is grateful for your suggestion for the back bedrooms. Works great. Thanks for being a good friend.
Orville & Diane S.
Felix did a good job of checking the unit performance, both the unit inside and the condensing unit outside. He was very thorough and a pleasure to work with.
Pat K.
Dear Jim, I had the pleasure of meeting one of your service technicians today named Felix! First some background-i have a Mitsubishi unit upstairs that we don't typically have on a service agreement because we seldom use it. However, when we do it usually emits a foul odor. This has gone on for years! We have had Four Seasons check it in the past but to no avail. It may be that they only checked the drain and pan, which is always clean. In fact, the last technician who looked at it said it could be "dirty sock syndrome" but had no viable solution. However, today Felix checked it out and found a clean and clean drain but the filters were dirty (my fault, but in my defense, they looked clean from the front! lol ;). He then cleaned the fan that was harboring the stench! What can I say, WE ARE SO GRATEFUL! Now that would have been enough for "Service Guy of the Year," but he also cleaned a very dirty exterior unit, glued a drain pipe in my ceiling unit (that could have fallen off and caused a disaster), AND removed 3 dead rats from my attic" --much more I'm sure but those are the highlights. My husband and I are so pleased with his work and attitude that we requested him for future maintenance! He would be an excellent employee to train others if he is not already doing so. Thank you for sending such a highly qualified specialist!
Molly B.
Top-notch service! Always there when equipment breaks down!
Hassan C.